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Pallet Disposable Thermocontainers GLEWDOR

Disposable Thermocontainers Glewdor

The GLEWDOR Thermocontainer is designed for pharmaceutical companies that export thermolabile products and are interested in using a disposable thermopacking.

The Glewdor team is ready to offer one-way predicted disposable systems of cold according to your individual order.

We design a GLEWDOR thermocontainer based on the individual packaging sizes of your products.


  • Overall dimensions, LxWxH (from… to): (600… 1200) x (400… 800) x (650… 1050) mm;
  • Usable volume: 80 liters to 700 liters;
  • Insulation material: EPS – suspension or XPS – extrusion foam;
  • Covering material: 5-layer corrugated cardboard;
  • The thermocontainer has a removable lid;
  • The outer surfaces of the thermocontainer have a foil coating for reflection of thermal radiation;
  • If necessary, it is equipped with an inner barrier made of corrugated cardboard to insulate the transported products from icepacks.

It is designed to maintain the temperature regime according to customer’s technical task.


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