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Disposable Thermobox GLEWDOR 19

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Specifications 1.019:

  • Overall dimensions (mm): 420x348x335
  • Internal dimensions (mm): 315x245x240
  • Usable volume (L): 19
  • Weight (g): 500

GLEWDOR Thermoboxes are designed for pharmaceutical companies that transport thermolabile products (TLPs) and are interested in the use of disposable transportation systems, as well as thermoboxes for the backup storage of TLPs in case of force majeure (power outage, refrigeration chamber failure, etc.).


  • Insulation Material: EPS;
  • Covering material: corrugated cardboard;
  • The box has a removable lid;
  • Thermobox is designed to hold the temperature mode “+ 2 °… + 8 ° C” for up to 72 hours at an ambient temperature of +25 ° C, subject to the use of passive cold batteries (all other necessary modes and transportation time are agreed separately at the request of the customer)
  • According to the client’s technical task the color of the outer surfaces can be changed, the logo and the name of the customer can also be applied;
  • Supplied with GLEWDOR ICEPACK.


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