Manufacturing of thermocontainers on individual order

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According to your technical requirements, our specialists will design and manufacture a thermocontainer exactly for your needs, taking into account all the wishes and features related to its routine operation. To place an order, you must provide the following parameters:

  • The required internal dimensions of the container or the useful
  • Maximum transportation time.
  • The range of ambient temperatures at which products are transported.
  • Required temperature mode.
  • What kind of cooling elements do you plan to use.
  • Purpose use of the thermocontainer.
  • Additional terms.


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GLEWDOR 3.020 / 029.100 thermocontainer with wheels and stops, 2 sections to support 2 different temperature modes for SINEVO

termokonteiner glewdor bayer 01 01 e1577270734513

Термоконтейнер GLEWDOR 3.106.101M для компанії BAER

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