Validation Service

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Our team is proud of the engineering and technical staff who created the Glewdor products. The company’s specialists are knowledgeable in the “cold chain”, the principles of GDP and GPP; have received relevant training and are certified specialists.

We offer services for validation of our products for your company in the following areas:

  • Validation in the laboratory conditions of the contractor. Validation for the preparation of thermocontainers of single-type, cold accumulators, and their placement, transportation in a single temperature mode (eg + 2º… + 8 ° C (internal); + 15º… + 25 ° C (external).
  • Validation directly at the customer’s destination. Such price quotation is formed on the basis of the customer’s technical task with indication of the real conditions of storage of the TLP, the scheme of logistics, routing letters and more.

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