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Thermobag GLEWDOR 3.034

Specifications 3.034:

  • Overall dimensions (mm): 575x380x400
  • Internal dimensions (mm): 465x270x285
  • Usable volume (L): 34

GLEWDOR Thermobags are the best solution for transporting and temporarily storage of blood components, medical, immunobiological, pharmaceutical and all other thermolabile products, as well as food products, when lightness and mobility is needed.


  • The outer surfaces of the bag-case are made of polyester – sufficiently durable material for daily use;
  • Internal surfaces are made of nylon, which allows disinfection (if necessary, an additional coating of polyethylene film may be applied);
  • Isolation material – PU;
  • The Thermobag has a flip cover, handles for carriage (shoulder strap – option) and velcro (hook-and-loop fastener) and a fastex buckle for adjusting the clamping force, which ensures the tightness of closing the cover for the entire service life;
  • The thermobag is designed to hold the temperature mode “+ 2 ° … + 8 ° С” up to 72 hours at ambient temperature +25 ° C, subject to the use of passive cold accumulators (all other necessary modes and time of transportation are agreed separately at the request of the customer);
  • The thermobag has a transparent pocket for internal marking and a pocket for documents
  • According to customer`s technical task the color of external surfaces can be changed, and it is also possible to apply the logo and the name of the customer.


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