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Shockproof thermocontainer GLEWDOR 8 L (3.008.100)

Specifications 3.008:

  • Overall dimensions (mm): 345x335x315
  • Internal dimensions (mm): 220x185x195
  • Usable volume (L): 8.0
  • Weight (kg): 3.8
  • Insulation Material: (PU)
  • Insulation thickness (mm): 50
  • The surface material of the container is impact-resistant plastic – polystyrene, which has chemical resistance to most disinfectants. This makes it possible to clean and disinfect not only the internal, but also the outer surfaces of the thermocontainer unlike the usual case bags;
  • The insulation material is polyurethane foam, which, due to its thermal insulation properties, exceeds the suspension and extrusion foam`s properties;
  • All corners of GLEWDOR thermocontainers are protected by an aluminum profile, which improves its durability in daily use;
  • The thermocontainer has a hinged lid with opening restraints, handles for movement and a lock with adjusting clamping force, which guarantees tight closure for the whole term of operation;
  • The “housing-lid” connection does not have rubbing parts, and therefore is almost not wearable and is repairable. This eliminates the possibility of “cold bridges”and ensures that the technical characteristics of the container are maintained for the entire terms of operation;
  • Designed to hold the temperature mode from -72 ° to + 25 ° C for up to 72 hours, subject to the use of passive cold accumulators or dry ice.


  • Thermocontainer;
  • Instructions for exploitation (all technical data about the thermocontainer, list of detergents and disinfectants, instructions for preparation and placement of cooling elements, etc.;
  • Quality certificate;
  • Conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination;
  • Certificate of Compliance UkrSEPRO (one set per batch);
  • Warranty card (one per batch);


We are confident in the perfect quality of our products, so we provide a guarantee – 2 years per batch. The estimated service life is 10 years. We provide repair service, returning 100% recovered product.

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