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Thermobox ІК-2


Thermobox material – EPS;
Insulation thickness – 15-20 mm;
Overall dimensions – 150x130x121 mm;
Useful volume – 0.85 l;
Designed to maintain a temperature regime from + 2 ° to + 8 ° C up to 24 hours, provided that passive cold accumulators are used;
Supplied in different versions (to choose from): universal (0.85 l); with a lodgment for vials, vials or ampoules; in a craft wrapper or cardboard box. Branding under the order is possible.

Mini thermobox GLEWDOR is a system for transporting immunobiological products to the end consumer. Most suitable for use by pharmacies in the sale of medicines, as well as laboratories for the shipment of bacteriological cultures.

To obtain the best temperature and time values ​​in the mini-thermobox, it is necessary to use special GLEWDOR cold storage accumulators. These gel ice packs have a special rib for installing them in a thermobox in a vertical position, which allows you to save useful space and prevent hypothermia of transported TLPs.


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